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    no class 6..

    I put a post earlier on riding without a full class 6

    I have been riding casually for a 1 year and a half on my learners which is gonna expire soon. I passed my MST but ICBC wont put it on my record because I owe thousands of old car fines/tickets and dont have the money to pay their asses.

    If I get caught riding from a random cop check with only a learners at night what can happen?

    what if I have a passenger?

    does anybody know exactly what cops do?
    a ticket?
    park my bike and walk home?

    I heard a few stories of buddies that have ridden with their learners at night and they said they either got a ticket or the cop just let them go...

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    Sorry to be a prick illegal, but sounds like you shouldn't be riding at night if you don't have your Class6 and you certainly shouldn't be taking a passenger. If you get caught you face a pretty serious fine for driving without a license (up to $1000).

    And how are you insuring this bike of yours if you owe ICBC a ton of cash? Sounds like you're putting a lot of people at risk.

    Riding with a license and having actual insurance are two things most people around here are pretty adamant about.

    Ride safe if you do go out there, and I hope you can run fast if you get in an accident.

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    One of the guys who works for us didn't have his class 5, he moved here from Sask. let his Sask licence expire and never bothered getting a BC licence, said it was to big of a pain to take the driven test. He got his friend to insure his vehicle and drove without a licence, he got in an accident and insurance was voided, not sure if it was for no licence or having someone else insure his vehicle. He now has a garnashee of $14,000, they take 30% of his cheque every payday.

    If you want to drive without a licence its up to you just keep in mind of of the possible penalties you might have to pay if something bad happens.

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    The BEST possible scenario (disregarding a warning because they are extremely rare when dealing with new drivers/riders) would still involve a fine, so why risk it?

    I was in a similar situation, I has some experience before getting my learners, and one time I was caught speeding at night. The cop gave me a fine for breaking the restriction on my learners, but it could have been a lot worse.

    Why put yourself through the extra anxiety? Get your full license and then be free.

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