Carb Sync'ing tool
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Thread: Carb Sync'ing tool

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    Carb Sync'ing tool

    I've come across this on

    It's a manometer some guy made with tubing and a valve. Would something simple like this work for sync'in up the carbs on a Twin?

    I think the vavle in the middle is to adjust sensitivity.

    Would connecting the two tubes on each side to each carb work?

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    ANYTHING that has graduations and can let engine vac pul on a liquid, solid or gauge can be used for this. I have a Morgan Carbtune II, which I love. I could have fiddled about making something but, meh, I wanted someone else to do the work for a change. All you have to do is restrict the lines enough so you won't draw the material into the cylinders or max out the gauges.


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