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    Thumbs up Thanks John!!!

    My bike's ran fairly shitty compared to other carbed gixxers from the day that I bought it. Something just hasn't been right about it. I took it in to get the carbs adjusted and a jet kit install (turns out there was one on there already ) He did a carb sync and all the adjustments while he was at it. It feels like a new bike in the engine department. Took him no time at all to nail it down. Probably all the gixxers he's been seeing lately. Anyone needing work done, drop by his shop and tell him what you need. It's damn hard to find a trustworthy and competent guy to work on your bike and he's definitely that. Just don't fuck him around, I heard he's had a few no-shows from guys on the board....not a guy that deserves to be stood up after ordering parts for you.

    Thanks again J1k, I know there's another thread but he definitely deserves the recognition.

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    Three cheers for John!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixxstar
    Probably all the gixxers he's been seeing lately.


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