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    Angel Girl

    Smile Loving Rabbit Free to Good Home Only...

    If you can spare some room in your home for this adorable rabbit, he's yours. He is the tamest, most cuddly little guy. Only 1 year old. I got him from a friend today who just split up and she's trusting me to find a good home for him. He cannot be kept outdoors! He's always been in her house and is very friendly. His previous owner even had him groomed regularly. He's got the silkiest soft fur, and is very clean.
    He comes in a beautiful indoor cage with water bottle and food dish, and 1/2 bale of shavings.

    Let me know what type of home you can provide for him, and we'll go from there.

    Please save the 'rabbit soup' jokes, they're getting kinda stale, and being a total animal lover, I don't think they're funny at all.
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    Angel Girl

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