Sense of humour transplants
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Thread: Sense of humour transplants

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    Sense of humour transplants

    I find that these days, a lot of folks take themselves too seriously.

    I mean, you only go round once in this life, it's not a rehearsal and I'm sure there's lots more cliches that apply.

    If you aren't endangering someone else, or using foul language all the time, what's the problem?

    Like Monty Python said while the guys were being crucified, "Look on the brighter side of life."

    Here's another one from a Vancouver band (Trooper)

    "Were here for a good time, not a long time"

    So the point of this thread is, call me anything you want. Get it out in the open!! Don't suppress those feelings!! I can take it!!!

    I'm tough! I've ridden Harleys and lived to tell about it!!

    Oooops!! I've probably offended someone else now
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    You got funny look'n boots!
    There.. I said it.

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    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.
    Sorry Bill..

    One thing we won't tolerate is flaming, you're asking people to flame you.

    I'm gong to close the thread, not because it's offencive to anyone, but because we do not allow flaming.

    If you have a problem with this, PM Adam or myself.


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