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    Talking Get back to nature

    Today was absolutely gorgeous! Perfect riding conditions. This is the reason for getting a bike, to enjoy weather like this, A car can't even compare to the joy you expierience when ur cruisin along, the smell of spring flowin into ur helmet. The fact that u threw down thousands of dollars for the bike is irrelevent now, just hope everyones enjoying the weather as much as me!
    Suck it Trebek!!!

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    Words you live to regret:

    "It's ok honey, you take the bike today"...
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    Fascist oppressor.

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    Well said!
    ..and a little something for those people who left their bike at home and took the cage to go to work. I hear you, there's always a reason and I've heard all of them before. Just remember while you're trapped in you're little cage, stuck in gridlock, watching enviously as bikes wiz by that you've made you're own little hell.

    ..think I'll take Dewdney trunk home today.

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    post like this depress me... I wonder why.

    Oh yeah, no insuance.

    T-minus 4 weeks and counting.
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