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Thread: My last post on BCSB

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    My last post on BCSB

    Today, Good Friday, this beautiful day
    I walked to Sunset Beach
    I sat on a log by myself
    With blue sky above me and brown sand at my feet
    I looked out across the ocean
    The freighters were anchored off in the distance
    Small vessels were sailing by
    People were walking their dogs, jogging, riding their bikes behind me
    The beauty of this city I will never forget
    I thought about life, I thought about God and Jesus
    I thought about the good friends I had made here
    Then I stopped thinking and I just sat there and cried

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    I wish.
    What's up Denis?
    BCSB- Administrator

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    only 1 bike now, '02 gsxr750
    i tihnk he's moving back east, form what i've gathered in the past posts. but i could be doped up on i don't really know

    goodluck on ur future endevours
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    1975 Snortin' Norton Commando, 19somethin` Old . . . .
    yep his company's moving him to london (On or UK, i don't know)

    take care denis, it was always good chatting with ya

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    I like my
    k7 gsxr 600
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    good luck

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    your girlfriend
    damn , that was very touching. good luck in your future endeavors Denis, we will all miss you very much

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    Good luck Denis,

    And you don't have to be a stranger, they have the internet in Ontario now..
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    stop fucking crying ill give u a number out in TO u silly bastard its fun out there too!

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    don't know u but that was nice -- best of luck to u!!

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    i don't know you either but that was a touching poem. *sniff*

    good luck and cheers.

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    dude...there are other alternatives..death is not the answer.....
    call me.....
    Throttle Trauma 3 - Stunt riding documentary - digital download - visit
    The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.

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    Good luck in London Dennis your going to like it there, I did grade 8 through 12 there and always liked the area.
    There are some wicked roads in northern Ontario and I have a ton of family around Perry Sound so who knows you might get a visitor.
    Oh ya , London is a college and university town so the place is ripe! You will be just in time for spring fever!
    Keep in touch, your only a keyboard away.

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    ride red
    No worries Dennis, London's not that bad. I'm here right now, but will be heading back to van soon. Besides the -30 degree weather and windchill factors, here's a list of places I highly recommend checking out:

    Blue Ginger Lounge and Grill: Probably finest chic restaurant here, but a bit pricey
    Kelsey's: family restaurant, really good food. decent prices
    East side Mario's: nice casual italian restaurant, family type.
    Jack Astor's: just like East side Mario's, but a better for kids
    Ben Thanh: only good Vietnamese noodle place
    Kambie: only good Chinese restaurant (dinner only i think)
    Garlic's: Excellent food. Not as pricey as Blue Ginger, but still a bit up there.
    Palasad: billiards, arcades, bowling, food and drinks.. great for family
    Bertoldi's: Great italian food at very reasonable prices. my fav
    Solid Gold, Legends: very "nice" strip clubs and cheap too.. (i've heard)
    There's tons of bars all over london, mostly along Richmond street.
    Avoid the Ridout, it's a meat market for first year students
    Old Chicago's: they have cougar nites on thursdays... if you're into cougars.

    Also check out the university! The Wave is a nice place to eat there. It's at the UCC (univ. comm. centre). Anyway, hope you enjoy it over here!

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    good luck with your future,,,,,, sometimes change is good, even if at this time it seems to hurt to leave those you met and regard as friends, but they will always be your friends no matter the distance between you , my best wishes to you , and where your going with your life

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