1999 GSXR750, I need new chain and sprocket. What size?
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Thread: 1999 GSXR750, I need new chain and sprocket. What size?

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    1999 GSXR750, I need new chain and sprocket. What size?

    Hey guys, so I need a chain and sprocket.

    My question is...should I stay OEM?

    Does anyone know OEM size for a 1999 GSXR750.

    Also, should I go down or up a couple of teeth and can anyone tell me what the differences which I will notice will be?

    Also, what about actual size of the chain, should I change that?

    Thanks for your help.

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    go up 3 in the rear and convert to a 520 . If sold lots of those conversions with no complaints.

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    I think you're 525 stock on that bike. I did the 520 conversion and ended up going plus six in the rear and one down in the front. It's high strung on the highway but will still top at 250. It'd be nice to make 6th taller in the gearbox in my case. Never mind.

    Depends on what you want the bike to do. For touring, I would almost want to drop a few teeth on the back for better mileage. The bike is probably geared for roughly 320 theoretical stock though! For better accelleration, easier wheelies and better rideability in the city, up in the back, maybe one down on the front as well. Lot's of guys go minus one on the front (roughly does the same as plus three on the back) for the cheap change but if you do the 520 conversion, throw three extra teeth on the back. That's probably the best comprimise where you don't lose too much of your gearing for highway riding and still get some some extra fun factor.

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