A Bike with No Registration
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Thread: A Bike with No Registration

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    A Bike with No Registration

    Hello All,

    I have a motorcycle that I have lost the registration to.
    I know it is not stolen but I bought it from a guy who never registered it after buying it from a lady in New West.

    I HAD the registration but now for the life of me I cannot find it.
    Does anybody know how I go about getting the VIN / Serial number registered with who i need to to get the ball rolling to get this thing registered in my name.

    It is only a 1979 Hondo TwinStar 175cc bike.

    But now I am looking at buying a bit bigger bike but the guy also does not have the reggy because it was used as a farm bike for a while and I dont want to buy a bike if I cannot register it ever.

    Thanks in advance Guyz !!!


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    You prob need to get the transfer papers signed by the guy who you bought it from. Not sure other than that!!
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    They can print you another one but I think there is a charge for the service.
    Since it was never registered under your name, the bike still belongs to the lady,
    so maybe she has to get a reprint herself.
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    go to an insurance agent or contact ICBC for that
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