Got my bike back, I'm on the road again...
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Thread: Got my bike back, I'm on the road again...

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    Wink Got my bike back, I'm on the road again...

    Not the stolen one, a new one. Yesterday it was shining, today has a lot of dirt on it, like a normal dirt bike. I've put on it almost 400km today.
    Harrison Lake, Rockwell road, some disaffected Forestry Service road. On the freeway I was the slowest one, I had to keep it under 4000rpm, small break in HL Hot Springs, a lot of bikes, mostly Harleys, lots of sun and girls, is not a place for me , started on Rockwell, after few paved km the run to hell began, on the lake side I had to keep an eye on every car that was coming, not to many, on the disaffected road I was in paradise, nobody on the road only me, bears and deer, I never thought that heavy KLR's, can be so easy to handle on those roads, this one was looking more like a trail, I was able even to make two small jumps, first time I was a little scared but after few minutes we began to feel each other, it was the most exciting ride since I'm here in Canada. On the way back, after the rough part on the paved road it was like I was in holiday, I've stopped to buy hazel nuts, on the highway back it was so windy my had was doing like a flag.
    Great day today.

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    I wish.
    Sounds like a good time.. the advantage of Dual purpose bikes... ride to the dirt!..
    BCSB- Administrator

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    <img src=""> Hahahah funny

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    Originally posted by flash
    <img src=""> Hahahah funny
    No way man, maybe this one... I'm sorry, I didn't had the chace to process the last pictures...

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