Canucks vs Flames Game#2
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Thread: Canucks vs Flames Game#2

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    Canucks vs Flames Game#2

    So what did you guys think??

    I thought the nux didn't play anywhere near their best. Although it was a decent game, I think all of the goals were ugly...

    1 - Goalie interference wasn't called, so Iginla scored on a wide open net
    2 - Puck got caught up in Salo's glove, fell to the ice, only person on the ice who saw it was the Flamer (haha) who shot and scored

    1 - Goalie interference was again not called...!

    All flukey goals!!

    Also, what do you guys think about how the refs are cracking down on everything and not lettin ANYTHING slip?

    (BTW - Review of the game is here

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    i think this game was bullshit, it was a good game, no doubt, but the reffing (sp) is F**K'n shiat....pisses me off...screwed up mofos'...
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    The Refs really sucks tonight. If they were on the ball tonight the game would have

    had a very different outcome of game #2. I hoped they do a better job for game #3

    (and after.)
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    the ref's sucked balls. me and my friend were watching the game at my house and it seemed the nucks got called for way more penalties then the flames. it was a good game but in the third period near the 6 minute mark and down, you have to admit that the canucks, had alot of chances.

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    refs did suck a lot, i agree. i hope the nux take it in 5 --- so that they win the series at home!

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    yes please
    the game was shite. and the one goal they did manage to get shouldn't even have been allowed-wtf is wrong with jovo? Blatant interference. game 3 will be better.
    (I hope, I hope)
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    I was at the game and the electricty in the place when Naslund scored was UNREAL!!!!!!! Wish they scored more. My prediction, we win the next two in Calgary and then come back here to finish them off.....Sorry to any of you guys in Alberta.

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