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    Sprocket questions

    ive done the search but didnt get the anwer i needed so bear with me pls.
    im looking to get sprockets on my bike (for future purposes ) but i dont get the 1down in the front and 3 up in the rear is the best combo. what i really dont understand is the why not up in the front. i spoke to a shop (which will remain unnamed=D) and they told me going up a few in the front is cheaper than the back. does it produce more noticeable changes than say going up the same number of teeth in the rear?
    please be gentle with this newbie

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    OK I will be nice
    Just this one time though!!
    If you do the math you will see that you need to increase the rear sprocket to gain acceleration but you need to decrease the front to do the same.
    I have decreased my front sprocket by 1 tooth and that is equal to (about) three increase on the rear.
    A front is $40 while a rear is $100 + , it also avoids getting a longer chain.
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    Think of it like a bicycle.
    Smaller front-bigger rear will give you better acelceration but a lower top speed.
    Because most new bikes are geared to pull crazy top speeds alot of people will sacrifice a bit of it to have better acceleration.
    The down side is a higher RPM when you are droning down the highway in top gear.

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    Jason R
    Experimenting with a front sprocket is cheap so go down one tooth in the front to see how you like it and if you want more umpf try going two teeth down in the front (=+6 on the back) and see how you like that. Making your front sprocket smaller wears out your chain faster then if you were to ad teeth to the rear so it's something you do just to get an idea of what you want, then when it comes time for a new chain you would make your adjustments to the rear sprocket. I think most people would agree that the ultimate street gearing is +3 to 4 teeth in the back.
    To all you guys thinking they want a slip on pipe for more power your kidding yourself. Think about changing gearing as it is the cheapest and best performance mod you can do.

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    thanks for te replies guys. so basically going up in the front is the wrong way to go? i wonder why a shop would tell me to do that?... maybe im jsut not hearing things right ill ask again to double check.

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    Jason R
    That's right going up in the front or removing teeth off the back would give you some super overdrive economy lameness. Maybe the shop wanted to save you some gas money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason R
    Maybe the shop wanted to save you some gas money?
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    hahaha maybe they were or maybe its my lame newbie ears! lol
    anyways thanks all that posted. expect more of these questions in the near future not its time to get some battle scars...

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    correction... *now
    its my FOBiness..

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