Any of you out there welders for a living?
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Thread: Any of you out there welders for a living?

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    Any of you out there welders for a living?

    Just wonder who on board runs beads for a buck.

    For the past while i've been seriously considering goin and getting my "C"level and "welder/fitter".

    I've always seen welding as useful, something that is likely to be a steady trade for some time to come, and obviously is a trade that you can take with you where ever you go.

    So i have a few questions for those of you in the know.....

    1- Is there much of an employment rate for a welders in B.C.? (i'm currently at a job in a mill that pays 22 and change an hour...but it's mind numbing with no transferable skills to other employment, so i don't want to give up the cash if i'm not half certain i'd have work awaiting the doors to the employment field)

    2- Can a person who gets their "C" level expect to find work with any ease, before having to lay out the time to jump to "B' and "A" levels?

    3- Of those of you who are in this trade, can you offer some pros and cons of welding for me?

    4- Are you interprov. recognized as a welder when you get any cert. in b.c.?

    5- is a beginner welder's pay enough to live off?

    that about all i can think of for now.

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    My friend is a welder, makes good $$$
    One thing to watch out for is your health, eyes & lungs. (worst than smoking 3 packs a day)
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    I'm not a welder anymore. Too many health risks. Fuck that,
    you can't pay me enough to compensate for cancer and
    burned out lungs.

    And I worked in a real "safe" shop too.

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    I'm going for my welding/metal fabricators ticket in sept. it seems to me like its a good trade to have under your belt, I woulden't like a 24 7 welding job though, the fumes suck, i enjoy working with metal though, I've been working at Chief chassis now for almost 3 years, its been a fun and rewarding job. - just need tickets to get paid more $$

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    My brother has his C ticket. HATED it! The jist of what he told me is jobs as a C welder was somewhat hard to find and the work was terrible. Not to mention how hard it can be on you. I met another guy at the mill that had his C ticket. Worked in the oil patch with it and made 16k in one month. He didn't like it either and started working in the mill. On top of that, unless you go out to the boonies, I doubt that you can match the mill money any time soon without further training. I can see the fun in some lines welding like some of the work BF's fabricator does.....making race parts for sportbikes.

    You've probably heard it already but I suggest you talk to a career councellor Fraser. I did it when I had no idea what to didn't exactly tell me the career that I finally decided on but it put me in the right ball park and I ended up picking something that is appealing to me professionally and financially.

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    My uncle was a welder for 40 years and now he's dying of lung cancer. If you're going to do it for a career, think about how much they'll need to pay you to make it worth 20 years off your life.

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