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    National's Calgary

    After paying a gate fee of $20 per person per day$120 total for me and my girl(damn the national's) I proceded to go to my pit area ,quite a bit lighter in the cash department.

    We got the trailer unloaded and the tent set up, I then went to stand in a line up that looked like it was a mile long,I stood in line till I was almost at the front,and then they call'd the riders meeting.........go figure? so off th the hum drum meeting,it was twice as long as usual,BECAUSE HALF OF IT WAS FRENCH!

    After that quick lessin in french,I went back to stand in line in the registeration AGAIN.By the time I got outta regi,and over to get tecked in, I missed my first practice,well there goes $35 worth of practice I said to myself?

    Next practice wasn't till 2 pm so I had a ton of time to kill so I went and met with the people I was going to see from eastern Canada,Kawasaki Canada,Part's Canada(my sponsor) I had 2 sub frames for Owen Wencle sp bike and delivered to their pit.Tony (the tuner of I don't know how many years)was verry happy with the product I had for them, but wouldn't be able to use them till they had the set up they were looking for,as it turned out ,they chased the setup on the bike till Sunday morning,and still didn't get a chance to try the sub frames,so they took them with them and will test at Mosport and get back to me .

    Todd Shyak from Parts Canada gave me a brand new HJC helmut with tear-off's 2 spare shield's a new set of brake pad'sDP of corse and a whole bunch of other stuff,Those guy's are great!

    2pm and we got a practice goin here.My plan was to go out with one of the locals ,and get some serious times soon as I get these new tires scrubbed in and brakes seated. after a 5 min delay ,waiting for the crash truck to clear the track,we were sent out. I was sitting up front talking to Mike Smith(local rider &friend)when the horn blew,and I was forced to lead the group out onto the track(I say forced because I was on the inside of the row and you dont want to start people crossing lines before you even get out to the track) so off we went. I went down the front strait ,taking it easey on the new tires ,and knowing damn well that some looney would stuff me into turn one,just cuz they can,so I dragged my front brake down the straight to warm the disc'sCHECK front disc's warm,turn 1 comming up 170kmh everything A OK ,no stuffing,what a surprise,turn 2 comming up ,time to drag the rear brake and warm it up,as I pressed on the rear brake , I got no response, so I pressed harder and thats when all hell broke loose..........reallly freekin loose.

    Seems I had my toe on the swingarm pivot bolt instead of the brake lever and when enough pressure was applied it slipped off the pivot bolt and onto the brake lever and full lock at about 120 kmh with 40 guys right up my ass. I saw ground,40 bikes ,sky,my bike sliding down the track,ground,35 bikes,sky,my bike still sliding,ground,25 bikes,sky,my bike still fuckin sliding,and by the way I'm wondering when this is gunna stop,ground,10 or so bikes ,sky,ground ,0 bikes,sky,and my poor bike layin on it's side ,infield turn 3 snd the group going into turn 5 FUCK !.

    I walked over to the bike ,had a quick look at it ,pulled out the grass and weed's outta the bodywork,checked the important shit ,fired it up ,and continued on with a feeling..........well it's got it's first scratches on it now ,it's show time ,or it's go time.

    After doing 2 slower laps to try and figure out what had happened ,Mike Smith came through and the chase was on,I just didn't care any more,and I did come here to get some better times ,so off I went after him ,he is a fast and safe rider so i felt good trying to stay with him,but it didn't happen,he pulled about a 4-5 second gap on me that I just couldn't make up,but that was it ,he stayed at that speed and never got any further away than that 4-5 seconds. We looked at lap times after the session and found he was doing 1:24-1:25 so I guess all wasn't a waste after all,I knocked 2 seconds off my lap time ,but had a crash to deal with instead.All was good in the Over the Top pit.

    Damage to bike was just brake lever,and scuff'd glass.

    My equipment was a different story,my brand new helmut was JUNK with big scar's across the top and sides of it ,I knew it wouldn't pass re teck so I grabed my old one ,just then Todd Shyak came over and handed me another brand new HJC and said "don't wreck it BF"Man those guy's are cool. My suit was blown out on the right shoulder and the left leg as well as the right hip being ground through to the armour.

    I did the third practice without incidenet and got great results in it,Saturday it rained all day and the temp was between 2-8 degrees C freekin cold. I was a little sore from friday's crash,and didn't want to risk throwing it away again,so I cancelled the weekend.

    ME 4 brused finger tips,black and blue ankle,slight wiplash,heavily brused shoulder.

    I'd like to thank everyone that helped out on the weekend,and a special thanks goes out to my girlfriend Princess MeMe
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    Dude! Don't use the rear brake man! It wasn't any better in Spokane. Rain all Saturday, and Sunday too. We have one dry race 600SS but i just wasn't sure where the fucking traction is on that track. ( my 1st time racing there,not to mention the wet track) Then it starts pouring again! What a fucking stupid waste of time! Didn't feel like throwing it away so we packed up early too.

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    Sticky Buns

    Thumbs up

    Hey Tackie(and PH-Q2),

    Sorry to hear your weekends were crap.
    I too and a team mate were at Spokan and it was out first time there as well.
    We figured we drove all the way there and might as well make the best of it. Neither of us has raced in the rain befor(unless you count ysr's) and thought it would be a good learning exersise.
    We're both in novice so it's safe to say we don't know all there is about racing yet.
    I for one can admit my throttle control isnt as precice as it could be; so what better conditions to practice smooth throttle aplication under?
    I guess it's what you make of It.
    No dissrespect to your years of experience;
    I just need more track time; Period.
    Our soggy efforts paid off though.
    In a field of 34 Riders, I started 30th and my team mate 31st, in both races.
    I got a pair of 6's and he a 4th and 2nd for finnishes.
    I love the Rain:

    P.s. Michelin Pilot Sports do NOT Heat up or work as well as Dunlop 208's in the rain.
    This is only a personal conclusion after experimenting with both types.(no full rains available)

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    You are right, Michelin race IIs are not very sticky in the rain at all. In fact they are not very good in the cold either. I tried the 208s on my gixxer6 but i just don't like it. I guess it is personal preference. When you have only 1 set of wheels, sometimes you have to make decisions.
    And also some people are just better than others in the rain, and i am one that is not so good. My buddy Laurion kickass in the rain for some reason and i am always pussyfooting around. Maybe it is down to setup and tires too. But anyhow, i rather save the bike for a nice and sunny afternoon than throw it away in the rain. =)

    ps I hate RAIN!!

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    Sticky Buns: Are you going to Seattle next race? What's your number? I'll go look you up! =)


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    Sticky Buns


    Lord willing;
    I'll be there, Rain or shine!
    My # 717
    Be good to chat.

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    717, i will remember that. I am 748. c u there

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