Would you ride in this city?
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Thread: Would you ride in this city?

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    Would you ride in this city?

    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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    Because it probably saves on energy..

    after a while you do not need to turn on any lights as you provide your own illumination from the glow you produce..
    I'm not addicted! and I'm not quitting!!
    Heeere's your sign...

    ...and "always" look on the bright side of life...

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    I think we need a ride report forum. Maybe this particular report could get a sticky, because it gets posted almost every day (and with good reason).
    "When in doubt accelerate.
    It may not help you avoid the problem,
    but it'll end the suspense."

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    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    That's an excellent documentary.

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    Very moving....
    it actually kinda makes me wanna visit that ghost town.... after I have my children of course

    that blurry spot in the pic remind me of The Ring... freaky.. lol
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