Colour of gear should match bike?
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Thread: Colour of gear should match bike?

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    Cool Colour of gear should match bike?

    Is it a fashion sin to have gear that doesn't match the colour of your bike? For instance, having a yellow bike and gear that's all blue and black.

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    It's only a sin if you frequent Starbucks on robson!!
    My leathers and helmet do not match my bike and "frankly Scarlet.........I don't give a dam!"
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    As long as it protects you, what difference does the color make?
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    thats like saying you can only wear black if you drive a black car...

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    It's okay as long as your underwear is color matched!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Get Fuzzy
    It's okay as long as your underwear is color matched!
    Haha, I actually do that sometimes - "Hmm, I'm riding today, I'll wear my red boxers!"

    To answer the question...mine matches because I bought the gear after bike, but it doesn't really matter. You may consider waiting to shell out that much money on gear until you're ready to buy your bike next year. Better to have some money in the bank that sitting in old gear that you never get to wear. That is, of course, unless you've found some STELLAR deal that you just know you couldn't find again.
    Bike's sold - still have some gear left!

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    +i could care lees if my gear matrches my bike ...... i have a black helmet ... black gloves and i am buying a black icon jacket (black jacket because white will look like shit>>imo)

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    I found a women's used set of leathers that fit me - what are the odds??!! I grabbed them even though they're black with blue and my bike is red with black. Oh well!

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    red and black
    I bought all black textile to match my bike... but now that Im looking for leathers I will buy matching ones.

    I think it's important... but hey Im superficial obviously. :O

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    I have a silver bike. My gear matches, but only because I have bought everything from new. I could care less what color it is, just as long as it lets me keep my skin.

    Helmet - black/blue/green
    Jacket - black/silver/blue
    Gloves - black/silver/blue
    Boots - black/silver/blue
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    black matches everything......

    What if you ride without underwear????
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    Farkin "A" it's gotta match! Especially with some of the posers I ride with.

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    Mix & match is more colorful.
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    i think matching leathers will get you about 2000 poser value points.

    this year i bought a blue helmet, my bike is red. i dont cares no more

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    I need to match. Just a personal preference. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I hate looking as though I got dressed in the dark. That's what mismatched gear/bikes look like to me coming down the road.
    If you wanna look dumb, that's your problem!
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