A question for North Shore people....
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Thread: A question for North Shore people....

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    A question for North Shore people....

    Am I the only one that is a little concerned with the new system for disputing parking tickets? I know that parking is at the bottom of the legal pyramid, but the idea of charging people money simply for the privilege of pleading not guilty scares me a little.

    Is this the fine edge of the wedge?
    Will this yet another form of cookie cutter justice?
    Are there any other traffic-related laws that this could be applied to in the near future?
    It's a bylaw reg, so could this principal also be applied to noise bylaws?

    IMHO if a law is not worth the cost of a proper court of law, it’s not worth enforcing. Law enforcement should not be a profitable undertaking for society because that leads to a reliance on crime by that society. (Insert standard ICBC rant here)


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    wow. first i've heard that they charge you for disputing. I've heard of being charged a fee on top of the fine if you're found guilty - but I've never heard of being charged a fee to dispute.

    I'm not even sure if that is legal. maybe you should look into that.

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    that doesn't sound right, b/c you're supposed be innocent until proven guilty
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