Hi, I'm new to this site, just heard about it from a new guy who rides in my neighborhood. I'm debating selling my baby 'cause I need the cash this summer for other things (school mostly). It's a 2000 Yamaha R6 with around 9500 km. I've always babied it and never had the need to ride it to the Red, it's fast enough as it is! I haven't really ridden it for almost 2 years now and it's never ever been in the rain. I bought it second from guy who had it only a few months and then went and impregnated his girlfriend who forced him to get rid of it! I did have a bit of a close call when I ran over a piece of wood on the road but luckily I never dropped it and ended up getting brand new wheels and tires out of it from ICBC. It's a beautiful unique custom Pearled midnight violet (sounds bad but looks amazing), mixed up specially with 3x the pearl of a regular pearl paint job. Everything else is original and my father is a mechanic so it is absolutely mint. I'm selling my wheel lock, special maintenance manual, brand new original factory decals, matching colour HJC helmet/mirrored visor, cargo net, and Joe Rocket kevlar gloves along with. Since it's summer and I'm craving riding it I won't accept much less than $8g for it all, but you can always send me an offer: 604-240-4340 or amosea@hotmail.com. I lots of pics to e-mail. Thanks for reading!