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    BCsprtbks.com newb

    Just saying whats up to all the BC riding brothers and sisters up there...

    Wifes a Canuck, but I smuggled her into Southern California where she's now a perm. res.

    Making several trips back to BC this year to visit, and wanted to know if there are any Moto rentals out there... it's worth a shot! Most cities I've been to / seen only rent Harleys and sometimes Beemers...

    Would love to do a track day out there as well and take a gander at the different shops out there.

    Any spots in particular that get the ?

    If I don't find a bike up there, I'll be the guy in the car giving you all the rider wave...

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    I dont think so...havent heard of one...
    welcome to bcsportbikes.com

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    welcome veejay!!!

    Lots of shops to look at...

    a good place to go is the lil strip on highway 91 (east west connector) and No 9 Road in Richmond. It's got Pacific Yamaha and Richmond motorsports and they are both quite big with lots of gear, and both sponsor this site.

    Carter motorsports is easy to find off Highway 1 in Coquitlam too... near IKEA!!

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    my step dad came to visit last summer. i looked all over for rentals for him. lots of cruisers but not many places for sport bikes. might want to try http://www.cyclebc.ca/

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