What do you think about this deal?
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Thread: What do you think about this deal?

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    What do you think about this deal?

    Well I think I've found the bike I am going to buy.... I am so stoked to say the least. Here is a rundown of the setup and deal I am gettin hooked up with:

    2001 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (3700kms, Brand new Yosh pipe)
    2 HJC helmets like new, nice padded jacket(can't remember name, think its technic or something), and a nice pair of leather gloves.
    The bike is in perfect condition, and as I said above was just broken in with only 3700 k's on it. The only flaws on the bike are that he once backed it into the side of his retaining wall and put a small crack in the bottom of the fairing... it has been completely repaired and a new decal was put on. You can barely tell that it ever happened. Other than that, he stripped the bolt for draining the oil the day before I looked at it when he changed the oil, but he is a steel fabricator or some shit, so he has the tools to rethread it and put a new bolt in, which isn't a big deal. The bike is like new, and the guy is 29 so he is not some young kid who has bagged on it or raced it for the 3700kms.

    It was pretty funny actually, the day I phoned up to ask about the bike, the guy sounded pretty confused to hear that he had a bike for sale(til i heard his wife in the background saying that he does). As it turns out, the guys wife is pregnant, so she wants him to stick around for a while, and put the bike up for sale without him knowing. He seemed a little choked about it, but he was still pretty nice about the whole thing. He was asking 8000 for the bike, and i talked him down to 7700 with all of the gear and two helmets. I think its a pretty good deal for an 01 that has just been broken in. What do you guys think?

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    TAKE THE BIKE (before its gone)!!!That is a really good deal.

    For $7700 you can't find a better deal plus the gears that goes along with it.

    Good Luck Man
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    Nice deal! Gixxers are sweeet...
    have fun this season...
    and welcome

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    Ouch... if my wife did that to me....

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    Dunno about the deal, but let me bastardize the thread a bit:

    If the GF would think that because I have a kid it forces me to stick around, think again. Luckily I have a great GF, and she knows what I think. Shes the same way, so its not like its all about me.

    Communication is a great thing, make sure you have the ground rules established before you do get pregnant.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    Fascist oppressor.

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    Thats a wicked deal man.. my buddy picked one up with like 25000 for over 8.. so pick this up and quick.

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    I thinking buying bikes "almost new" is the best way. Someone else takes the depreciation, and you get basically a brand new bike!

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