where to buy exhausts locally??
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Thread: where to buy exhausts locally??

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    where to buy exhausts locally??

    i have an '03 cbr600rr and want it to be louder as it is tooo quiet. Any suggestions on where/what to get locally at a good price?


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    gotta shop around. I believe that slip-on for your bike will be roughly around $1500 b/c it's an undertail. Check around and see what different dealers can do for you. Check online as well, both in the US and Canadian sites
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    Did the slip ons go up in price? $1500 is what full systems cost last year. I suspect that unless you want something with an exotic sounding name that charges extra for the prestige you can get into a slip on for about 700 to 800.

    Do some ebay'ing and you can probably turn up a slip on for only a few hun'.
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    slip ons for the 600rr will run anywhere from $500 on up. Two Brothers makes a very nice slip on dual can, and I am really in love with the Micron dual outflow which is the same shape as the stock can, but two outlets to make it look like a 1000rr. Sounds great too. You can get sound bites and pics of that can on other 600rrs on www.600rr.net

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    There's a lot of pipes on blowout sales right now, PM and i'll try to find one

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