Here's the registration form to fill out and send to to enter your bike for competition.

Again, it is $35 to enter which includes entering the bike, and two entrance passes. Please enter asap.

ions: Copy and PasInstructte the Information below and email to (you may have to make space to fill out the form in full - thx!)
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Limited space so pre-register now - standard space 10’ x 20’
Cost : $35 CND

STEP 1 : Tell us about yourself

First Name: Last Name:
Address: City:
Zip/Postal Code: Province: British Columbia
Tel1: Tel2:

STEP 2 : Tell us about your ride

Pics of ride (URL)
You can also send us pic of your ride by email :
Bike make: Model: Year: -------- '04 '03 '02 '01 '00 '99 '98 '97 '96 '95 '94 '93 '92 '91 '90 '89 '87 'Other
Body Work: max250chars.
Engine Mods: max250chars.
Out-Bike entertainment: max250chars.
Club/Company: max250chars.
Comments: max250chars.
Previous Show(s): max250chars.

STEP 4 : Which show will you compete in ?

Terms & Conditions
1) All applications must be received one week prior to each event. Team SCP reserves the right to refuse any application. In such a case, the participant will be reimbursed in full by form of cheque.

2) All rules and regulations in accordance to the show and its venue must be respected. (Please refer to our website for more details -

3) Team SCP has the final verdict on the location of space designated to each vehicle.

4) Once the vehicle is placed and prepared, it may not be moved without the authorization of Team SCP.

5) Team SCP, the sponsors, the staff both for the show and the venue are not held responsible for any loss and/or damages either on the participant's vehicle and/or display.

6) It is not permitted to post any commercial signage of any kind in the space alotted to the participant unless a commercial fee has been paid to Team SCP. A single sign may be displayed to describe the vehicle in terms of its parts and modifications. Large signage and the distribution of business cards, flyers and brochures are strictly forbidden unless otherwise authorized by Team SCP with written consent.

7) The area reserved for one(1) display vehicle is 10' x 20' unless otherwise determined by Team SCP.

8) Please allow fourteen(14) business days for confirmation of acceptance via email or telephone upon submission of this application.

9) All accepted applications are non-refundable.

10) Any registration forms completed online without subsequent payment via Paypal will not be processed. Non payment will result in disregarded registrations.

Two(2) free VIP passes with every accepted vehicle · Extra passes may be purchased at the cost of $10 each. A maximum of 3 extra passes per vehicle.