Pros and Cons of Black Leather
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Thread: Pros and Cons of Black Leather

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    Pros and Cons of Black Leather

    Looking into getting a 2 piece all black leather suit.
    The pros I see is that it does look nice for just a regular jacket. Has higher resale value then the green one Im either looking to get. Cons is that its less visable and probably hotter in the summer. Or is leather no matter what colour just plain hot? Your guys opinions...

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    Perforated leather isn't as hot. Black absorbs heat but in a sense, it's all damn hot when you're in the friggin sun on Robson stuck in traffic... everything cools down once you get goin. As for visibility, add some or make sure there are some reflective strips on your suit. For resale, the black would be better than the green since you would probably only restrict it to kawi's since most other bikes don't come in green.
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    I had an all-black suit and noticed a slight difference in how hot I became when I switched to a coloured suit. Slight.
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