buying used F4i
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Thread: buying used F4i

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    buying used F4i

    Thinking about buying a used 2001 F4i for $7800, just have a couple of questions.
    1. good price? (only 3000km, not a scratch, completly stock but needs a battery)
    2. The guy let me test drive it and it made a rattle when i got the revs up around 7000(any idea somebody mentioned cct, i think my F2 made the same noise).
    3. I don't think it was winterized with feul stabilizer but i don't know if that matters for feul injected bikes.

    Thanks in advance, Spencer.

    I've looked at alot of bikes and i really like this one, i don't know if the above points should be a factor in my decision.

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    Offer 7000-7300 and tell him to do the cam chain tensionor.

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    Correction: tell him to have the CCT done.

    Lots of things can go wrong installing a CCT if the person (1) isn't careful and/or (2) doesn't know what they're doing.


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    those revs seem a bit high for the CCT... usually it goes around 5-6500 doesn't it? I think my F4I makes noise up at 7k and that's just the engine kickin ass!!!

    that sounds like a decent price... the bike seems mint.

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    Sounds like a good deal! Make sure you get a lien check done and get an icbc report done on it! I did that on my bike and it gives you a piece of mind! The CCT does make a very annoying noise and it gets bad at time on my bike, gettting it replaced will only fix the problem some of the time. But if the guy is willing to do it for you get it done if not you can take it to Imperial and they can do it or any shop will do it for you. Hope to see you out there riding soon!!

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