BCSB rider down
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Thread: BCSB rider down

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    BCSB rider down

    Yah, it's me! Just got back from the hospital. Thanks Bernie for the first aid. My Gixxer is a write-off my boots saved my ankle, my leathers my skin but my left arm took the full force and is in a cast now.

    What happened...I still don't 100% know. I was riding with Bernie AKA Rscudiver on the board on the "remote" farm road in from of my house. He was showing me how to wheelie and shift gears. First /second no problem go to third and I freakin' went down sideways and just about took out his ZX beside me. Funny thing is it didn't loop out, it went side to side. When the bike rolled and tumbed my whole fairing peeled off and my forks are badly tweaked. He made it look so easy but maybe our powerbands are different.

    Lesson learned! I really screwed up.

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    really sorry to hear that, at least your mostly ok, sorry about your ride....... keep us posted on your recovery.
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    Good to see you're home craig. I think, or it looked like some sort of high speed wobble. I was just ahead and had already shifted to third so I didn't really get a good look other than when I put my wheel back down I saw your bike flipping in the mirror and you sliding on your side. And by the way your bike did make contact with either the wheel or your mirror 'cause my lower cowling was pushed over the green side cover. Hope your Gixxer is salvagable.......or you could use it as a naked bike. Now....beer and Tylenol 3's.

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    D'oh. Get better soon.

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    They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger !! You will wheelie better now knowing how much it hurts to crash !! Get better !!

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    Great to hear youre ok man! i did the exact same thing with my R6 and its a very shity way to learn. The problem is i dont know what i did wrong. Cause i dont remember much. Heres some pics of my spill.

    The other side what some what still pretty though

    My leather jacket saved me big time. unfortunaly i didnt have pants..

    torn legaments and 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

    I will never be doing that again!

    I hope everything go's well with you man, i know exaclty what you are goin through. i wasnt able to walk without crutches for 2 months. and had pysio 3 times a week for 3 months to fix my knee. that was one expensive wheelie call me a pussy but ill never try it again.
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    Its always a race Array Sandman's Avatar
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    Hope you have a quick recovery!

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    There are two kind of riders. Those who have been down and those who are going to go down....

    Welcome to the club.

    Good to see that you are in one peice. Get well soon, summer is just begain.

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    or in french,le steekmon! Array stickman's Avatar
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    That's the shits man!Hope ya get better quick.So does that mean that Bernie's gonna double you on group rides?
    Are ya sure it wasn't a "High-speed-horse-poop-wobble"?Ya gotta watch out for that stuff around here.
    P.S: If ya find that the T3's are workin that well......pop an Advil with em and you'll feel ffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneee!!!
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    Man...I feel for you. I just had a crash doing a wheelie and luckily I just missed colliding with a telephone pole. I agree with Wiggler that I'm not doing that again. There's no point in risking your bike or your life for doing some stupid little trick.

    I hope you get better

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    On the bright side...you'll be getting a new bike soon.
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    when stunting ALWAYS have the camcorder going...

    glad you're alright.
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    Stickman....You're right I feel FFFFiiiiiiiinnnneee. Guinness T3's really help....I can't feel my arm. Hey, I can't feel my legs either!

    I looked at my ride this morning and it's not pretty. Cracked the lower trannie, removed the fairing, bent the subframe, forks are screwed and I still haven't found my seat. I was hopeing to Dyno at holeshot today but I guess I'll have to settle for watching everyone elses.

    Thanks for your well wises. Hope to meet you at Holeshot on my way in to Vancouver.

    Cheers, Craig

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