Insurance, ICBC or Private, or...?
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Thread: Insurance, ICBC or Private, or...?

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    Insurance, ICBC or Private, or...?

    Alright, here we go, this should be a interesting ride.

    I'll start with my experiences and opinions, and am very interested in hearing about others'.

    When I was 16 I rolled my dad's crewcab into a ditch on my way to school. It was caused by a combination of about 6 inches of snow on the road and driver inexperiance. Wasn't a big deal insurance wise, as my dad lost his roadstar forr five years, about 3% a year I believe. Then in 01, when i was 19, I crashed my 600, fooling around on a bike with some fualty parts, (fixed twice under warranty previously), still don't think it was fixed but that's another story. So i claimed that accident in Aug. 01, ICBC paid and it was repaired, allbiet shoddily( the same dealership that did the warranty work). The next year I bought my ZX9, went to insure it expecting an increased rate and got it (to the tune of a 25% surcharge, up from a 30% discount). The following spring (03) I went to insure again and my rates had jumped again, this time to 50% surcharge, I inquired about the increase and they told me that I was paying for a new accident that occured in Aug 2001. A bit confused, they informed me that the 25% that I had been paying the year before was from the accident in the truck 5 years previous. Turns out that because my dad had not had a vehicle insured at the time that I went to insure my ZX9 in 02, ICBC had started charging me for it. Wish they had informed us that the charges could be transfered from insured to driver and back again, but now we know, and so do you. The last time I went in to get insurance, for my 89 Nissan Micra, they had raised my rates again, this time to over 110% surcharge, but without having any claims against me. Made a few calls and had it cleared up and put back to the lower 50%. I guess they where just hoping that that would just slip through the cracks and I wouldn't notice so they could rob me some more.

    Now for opinions: It is my understanding that companies operated by the provicial government aren't supposed to be recording profits, but every year I hear about how ICBC has an amazing amout of profit. One year we all got between $50 and $100 dollars back, only one year though, but they have been posting profits every year, so what gives?
    I believe that we should be judged for our rates by more than just our accident record, how about by our accidents per milage records. I drive for an average of 45,000 Km per year, 30,000km is city driving, 5-10,000km on the hiway in cars, and 5-10,000km on my bike every year, but I'm a bad driver because when I was younger I had an accident or two. Managing to drive around Greater Vancouver, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the last 3 years, WITHOUT so much as a fender bender (that was my fault) doesn't make me a good driver. But someone that drives 5000km a year to the grocery store and back, is a better driver than me. Yup that makes sense. Experience means nothing, but they say it does, they just judge it the wrong way, by a person's age, and time holding a license, rather than by how much time behind the wheel they actually spend.
    I work in the Auto Glass industry, which deal mostly with insurance claims, so when ICBC raised the comprehensive deductibles from $100 to $200 for windshields and $300 for all other glass, we saw alot of people not getting thier windows fixed because they just couldn't afford to pay 300 bucks to fix a thieves' work. Along with the now higher deductibles there is quite a bit of stuff that ICBC isn't telling you when you pay for your Comprehensive Insurance, such as; if a new window costs over $150 we have to look for a used one first, and only if there are no used parts available will ICBC pay for a new one, and it doesn't matter how new or old your vehicle is. Nice eh? Also, they don't tell you this but they will jack up your deductible if you have more than 3 (I believe) claims within a set, yet "unspecified" amount of time, not a problem for most people but say you're a person that has to drive for a living get a few broken windshields in the course of a year or 2, up go your rates, guess it's time to get a new job! Or you're the unfortuanate person that gets broken into 3 times in their set time period (lucky you), up go your rates. The company that I work for has had thier ICBC vendor number taken away recently, over allegations of us trying to boost our business. As a result our company had to lay off a bunch of people, I don't know specific #s. But now, because of the size and power of this company we've made using your insurance a waste of time, we can install most windshields for a bit more than your deductible would be, and most other windows for LESS than the deductible cost. So far all ICBC has accomplished by acting as judge, jury, and executioner, is putting a few people out of work and possibly causing the demise of comprehensive glass coverage. As well as putting all the smaller glass companies that are not capable of selling what we sell for the same price in a very tight spot and possibly out of business. Way to go ICBC!

    The system does not work my friends.
    That is all I have for now, can you tell how much I like ICBC
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    Hopefully others will learn from our experience: if you cause an accident in someone else's vehicle, do NOT tell icbc you were the driver unless you have to. It just gives them an extra place to stick that accident, as you found out.

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