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    help with MST

    i have mine scheduled for the 27th...can anyone help me out and tell me what they are gonna make me do so i can practice?? also, should i take my bike or should i try and get a smaller one??

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    You'll have to do: slow speed straight line, stop in a small box, U-Turn (6 meters), slalom, right and left turns from stop, curve in 2nd gear, quick stop (from about 30km/h). And everything has to be done twice, mostly low speed, like walking speed.

    Get the "tuning up for riders" book from ICBC, it gives you stuff to practice. I would have failed miserably on my bike, but I took mine with BCSC so the bikes they give you are really easy. But the bike you use is up to you; if you're practicing on your bike and can do everything well, then don't get a different bike to do the test on. But sportbikes aren't typically easy for slow speed stuff.

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