What kind of Alarm is this??
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Thread: What kind of Alarm is this??

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    What kind of Alarm is this??

    I saw this bike with this alram system that bips as long as someone is about 1 meter away from the bike, and stop after the person is gone!

    I think it's pretty useful against pedestrians who just want to sit on your bike coze they think it's gonna make them look cool @_@ fuck them

    Where can i find this alarm system? how much does it cost to buy+install?


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    sounds like DIGIPAGE 200. call Bieu.

    it has a proximity sensor that does this. i leave mine active ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHERE I AM.
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    i find it more funny when they get even closer and touch the bike and get hit with the full on siren... warnings aren't loud enough to make em look like the asses they are.

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    yeah sounds like the 3rd watch. got one on my bike. works great. got it set so that a passerby deosn't set it but if they stop it will warn them. it has a voice module that i swear says" protected by alarm fuck off" but i'm sure it doesn't really. then it chirps 3 times. awsome alarm. comes with funky remote too. the range is great. i live on the 4th floor of a concrete building and i can't arm and disarm but the paging system works no problems.
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