Looking to either a 90-93 VFR750 or 81-82 KZ750, LTD prefferably or an E model.
Condition- VFR must be in excellent mechanical condition, prefferably under 60 thousand km. may need expendables(chain/sprockets/rubber) priced accordinly. Not very picky on cosmetics if price is right.
If its a KZ i am looking for a solid engine that runs well and doesn't smoke, good clutch/gearbox, can deal with lousy cosmetics if price is right. if needs minor mechanical work OK( cam cover leaks, fork seals etc)
Must be registered in the name of person selling( NO bs like "i bought it from a guy that knows a guy that was the cousin of a dead guy who bought it, so i never got the regi but you can get it reeeally easy")
Why either of these bikes? i like them .
email me at nightflight750@hotmail.com