Cypress (Apr 18), a lesson learned.
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Thread: Cypress (Apr 18), a lesson learned.

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    Cypress (Apr 18), a lesson learned.

    First of all let me introduce myself. To those that were up on Cypress today (Sun Apr 18), I am the 748 rider that managed to dump my bike coming down the mountain around 4:00. I would like to thank all the people who helped me pull my bike out of the brush. I'm sorry I didn't get your names but you know who you are and I really appreciated your help.

    Wiping out for the first time is a interesting experience. I have nobody to blame except for myself. All I remember is going wide, the front hitting some dirt and bam.. going down. The next think you know, I'm getting up and staring in disbeilef at my bike lying on it's side. Fortunately I was ok other than some minor road rash and a bruised shoulder. The bike on the other hand, is only cosmetically damaged. I should be able to leverage some connections and get it up and running soon.

    As I look back the following points stuck out with me
    1. Nothing wrecks a good day like a crash
    2. Plastic and metal can be repaired, money is just money,
    3. The BC sportbike community is a great community and I am priveledged to be a part of it.

    Ride safe. I'll see you out there soon enough.

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    sucks that you crashed man, i'm glad that you are ok enough to talk about it

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    Glad that you're ok.
    Ride safe.
    History of bikes:

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    Good to see you made it out with only minor injuries! the bikes can always be fixed

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    glad to see your safe and not in bad condition

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    Quote Originally Posted by rl-eee
    Fortunately I was ok....The bike on the other hand, is only cosmetically damaged.

    The only two things that really matter

    Glad to see you're alright.

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    Simular thing happened to me only a month into owning my first sport bike.

    I rode on and finished the ride after pulling it out of the bushes... the guys I was with cheered me up at dinner afterwards. But it sucked to have just dumped a bike with less than 2000km on it. I didn't wanna ride with those scratches and dings (lucky me that was it for damage... I had a cut on my finger and a sore back... lucky)

    That was last month... now Borderline is working hard to get my shiny new ride back to me before the end next week.

    From all the stories I have heard, it often happens to the best of them.

    I take solice in knowing that I am nowhere near the best, so... it is not suprising it happened to me.

    Glad to hear you are alright, see you on the road soon.

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    Ah that sucks man. I feel your pain. You might be a little heartbroken for a few days but believe me, it's such a great feeling when that thing is fully fixed up again. Its like falling in love with your bike all over again.

    Good luck with your connections
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    Maybe i am weird but i like crashing. Gives me an adredilin rush. Best is when the bike can still be ridin.

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    Glad to hear you are all right and you are here to talk about it. I was the one in the ditch helping to lift your bike out.

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    I stopped with the stunt bike in the back of the black dually , If your going to go threw ICBC let me know .I can get some really nice aftermarket goodies thrown into the deal.

    It's sucks to crash , but it's cool to have an excuse to customize a bike. At least that's why I crash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafnip
    Maybe i am weird but i like crashing. Gives me an adredilin rush. Best is when the bike can still be ridin.
    You are definately weird

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    we've all been there and ya it does spoil a a day. But a good realistic post though!

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    Good to hear that you are alright and no major injuries! and yeah the guys on this site ARE awesome!

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    were u guys at the chevron station about 130- 2pm? saw 4 bikes gasing up. I think one was a red duc (front pump facing east) at 5 and cambie?

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