chains, sprockets, and ratios??
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Thread: chains, sprockets, and ratios??

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    chains, sprockets, and ratios??

    I need a new chain for my F4. Looking to do a 520 conversion. Rk makes a quick acceleration kit, that is one tooth down in front. Now if I do the math right I think that works out to about a 6% speedo error, does that seem right to anyone else??? Should i go one down in front (15 tooth vs. 16 tooth) or am I better to go up three in the rear. I'm not looking for anything huge, not stunting or anything, but some more low end grunt would be nice....
    Does anyone know how far out the stock F4 speedo is, I will buy a recalibrator later on, maybe this winter....
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    You can do all the math, but the best way is to find someone with a GPS. Either borrow one or follow someone else who has one and measure exactly how far your speedo is off. Even if you get a correction device you will want a gps to calibrate it. You can pay to 'correct' your speedo, but most guys I know just choose to do the math in thier head rather than pay the $$$s to fix the problem.


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