Requesting your travel info.
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Thread: Requesting your travel info.

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    Requesting your travel info.

    In a coupla months i've got two weeks of vacation coming up.

    I've pretty much decided that i'd like to go on a road trip into the states.

    I'm thinking that the best route for the most scenery and the quickest way to get somewhere nice, would be to go down to vancouver, into washington, along the oregon coast and into californiA.

    What i was wondering is - How long should i expect to allow myself to drive to california? 3 days? 4? Furthermore, for those of you that have done a trip like this before, what are your recommendations?

    tia. Rdub

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    Here's what I'd do:

    Take the good roads (Merrit-->Spences Bridge-->Duffy Lake) to Vancouver if that's where you want to cross. If you come through Hope, might as well cross in the valley.

    Next stop would be the roads around Mt Rainier/Mt St Helens. The WA Destination Highways book will steer you right.

    St. Helens (see the power of nature and ride twisty roads--photo credit to Fury):

    On to Oregon:

    If you haven't ridden the coast, might as well give it a go. Some nice riding/scenery, but count on sharing the roads with some traffic.

    Once you hit southern Oregon/Cali, you might wish to start criss-crossing the coastal mountains to mix things up with the coastal roads. Check out the Redwoods on Avenue of the Giants. can be your guide here (Cali sportbike roads). You may want to take in the World Superbike races at Laguna:

    I'd make sure to ride Hwy 1 from Carmel to San Luis Obispo (it got a little foggy later in the day, but still specacular):

    While you're down there, I'd recommend checking out Hearst Castle--it might sound "touristy", but it's worth seeing...and you are a tourist anyways.
    Nice pool, eh? Amazing what you can do when money is no object. Roman ruins, anyone?

    You may have the desire to continue south towards LA. Again, let the pashnit website be your guide. Personally, I'd start heading east towards the Sierra mountains. Hit a few mountain passes out that way. The pass near Yosemite (Tioga) is the only one I've ridden. You get some great scenery out there:

    I'd work my way along the mountains, taking in some of the many good roads. Once back to Oregon, I'd follow the Cascades, visit Crater Lake, and then maybe St Helens again. Take the North Cascades highway to the American Okanagan, and head home.
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