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    Question Need Info.

    I remember reading about having stuff from the internet sent to Mailboxes Etc. in Bellingham and going down to pick it up...I was wondering how big of a package they will except...oh lets say the size of a pipe or something like that.

    BTW, anyone know the address and how I go about doing so?
    Any info. would be great!

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    Point Roberts is the place to go, and you can use either the Letter Carrier or TSB shipping, they will accept anything, they just charge more if it is over 50 lbs. Both can be found on the net.

    Letter Carrier is 145 Tyee (Rd or Dr) can't remember but it is the main street once you across the boarder.

    TSB (who I use all the time) 1574 Gulf Road, Point Roberts, WA, 98281

    All you do is order your stuff and have it sent to YOUR NAME at there address and make sure that the shipper puts your phone number on the package so they can call you when it arrives, or you can track it and call them when it is delivered, they will hold most stuff for 30 days, and they will sign for UPS, FEDEx, etc...MUST BE PARCELS, they won't accept flat mail unless you have a mail box.
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    The Letter Carrier in Point Roberts worked well for me.

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    Sounds good...thanks guys...btw do i pay them when i pick it up or in advance?

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