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    Exhaust Compatibility

    Hey, im just wondering what the real differences are in exhaust designs from bike to bike. Other than fitting, (ie. bolt-on vs slip-on, fitment of headers, etc) what sort of real world differences are there?

    The example i have in mind. My 'new' track bike, 1994 cbr600F2 came with a newish hindle highmount. My friend has an 01 f4i and wants to buy it from me/ trade me for his stock system.

    Now, i realize a LOT has changed in those 7 years, and after the smoke clears the bottom line is neither system would probably fit on the other bike due to header size, clearances, etc.. but it started me thinking, WHAT could really be different about the pipes? I understand the header design can effect flow and therefore back pressure and overall hp, etc.. but is it THAT different?

    can anyone enlighten me on this? also does anyone think the 2 exhausts could be interchangable at the end of the day with minimal work?
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    as far as i know, the cans are the same.. the elbow pipe is what you need to fit to either bike... i guess that can be done with some fabrication
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