Cold Startup Issues
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Thread: Cold Startup Issues

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    Cold Startup Issues

    My friend is having trouble starting up his 2001 Kawasaki in the mornings... he says it takes him like 5 minutes of using the starter, choke and throttle to finally get it going.. it has around 20 k on it, and he was wondering what kinda parts he could change or service he could get done to it in order to get it starting like it used to when it was new...

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    Try doing a search in the bike tech & mods forum.
    Has he checked what the plugs look like? Has it been like 3 seasons since it's been serviced? Did he store it improperly for the winter? Is it old gas?

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    Take it in the shop...if hes rich.

    Otherwise, were needing a lot more info besides the fact that "it wont start".

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    when was the last tune up?
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