Is Kawasaki hard to maintain
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Thread: Is Kawasaki hard to maintain

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    Arrow Is Kawasaki hard to maintain

    Lookin foward to buy a new bike, just curious if kawasaki is hard to maintain. Heard some stories from a buddy, drop major cash on his bike.
    Any input ?

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    What model did he have?

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    It does depend on the model, but no self-respecting sportbike will be cheap to run. Having said that, Kawasakis require more frequent valve adjustment (or inspection) than the other three, if you're looking for the lowest in terms of regular sheduled maintenance, that's prolly the Yamaha R1 and R6.
    What was it all about?

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    I'm on my second zx9 and so far my valves have never been out when I thought they were, a lot of kawasaki maintenance on THIS bike has to do with the top end noise that is often misread as clearance issues (it can be a costly pursuit to recheck clearances with a mechanic every time you hear that trademark ticking noise). That said I have only put 20-25k on two zx9's so I can't comment as much about longer term engine wear, though I hear time and time again that 'kawis are noisey but bulletproof'. I haven't had any maintenence headaches yet on either bike (aside from those self-created in the tuning/jetting process, go Ivan's and don't look back!), have gone through tires, a chain, etc.. normal wear and tear. No bearing, fork/shock, camchain issues at all so far though your mileage may vary. I do pamper the bike and have a great mechanic in john though so god knows what he's caught early for me and I guess therein might lay the key.

    Good luck choosing a bike

    Oh and PS, I think you'd be hard pressed to get good info with such a general question about an entire manufacturer lineup, try and narrow down a few specific year/model combinations as problems vary from bike to bike and one year to the next.
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    The 900's are no better or worse than any other bike. But if you refer to the scheduled visits then yeah, I guess you could say that.

    On a positive note Kawi's seem to get written off less for minor accidents. I hit some sand in an intersection while braking and looking at the direction signs one time and dropped it. Other than some cosmetics there was no major damage.
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    Kawasaki builds a great bike. They MAY require more frequent valve adjustments but besides that they are bullet proof. My advice is, if you are the least bit mechanically inclined, do all your own maintenance except valve adjustments. For those take your bike to M-speed or Burnaby Kawi(if you prefer dealers), they both have great service and know what they are doing. At a great price too!! If you need it all done(oil,filter,plugs) they can do that too. But back to the point, I don`t hesitate to recommend Kawi. I have owned three of them and loved them all! If you want a new kawi go to Burnaby Kawi, in my opinion easily the best Kawasaki dealer in town. Talk to Brian or Trevor, both great guys.

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    I've had the good old Kawasaki Ninja for 10 years. I am not mechanically inclined (so sue me, I don't like getting my hands dirty ), so I've taken it into the shop every year for a check over. I've never had any problems, just the odd valve tweaking and change of tires, etc. I don't wait until there's a problem, and after a drop (6 in all) I take it in to the shop to be looked over. That's how I've kept the bike going so long. Plus the fact I don't do stoppies, wheelies, stunts, or go over 85kmh plays into the Ninja's longetivity. I'm such a boring biker!

    If you ride hard and fast, the bike's going to show its wear sooner no matter the brand. In any case, all bikes need some sort of fixing up or maintenance. There's no perfect "never needs maintenance" bike.

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    Never over 85 kph? Do you just ride around town, never hit the open road? Go on a road trip with some friends, best time you`ll ever have on a bike!!

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    they're the same as other bikes.
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