Hey... buying a house, can't afford to have two bikes really... so, here are the stats:
*$1700 obo
*41000km (6k since I have had it... bike originally came from Delta)
*new silver paint 8 months ago (it was an ugly red when I got it!)
*front tire has 6000km on it
*rear tire has 2000km on it
*chain has less than 1000km on it
*new custom seat 8 months ago
*new bikini fairing (with dual lights, integrated signals) included... original light and signals included as well, easy swap for either look.
*clear title (i never dropped it, and i don't know of any previous damage)
*500 cc thumper (single cyl), electric start, excellent condition.
*I have never riden it hard, mostly cruising and getting used to street bike riding (my first street bike), but I have had it up to 160kph, and it gets there quickly.
*35bhp, 40lbs of tourque (these are stats of the FT500 in general)
*not a really tall bike, so it would be good for a shorter rider.
*ideal for a beginner, as it is fun, but not too high strung.
*it CAN be wheelied... there was a video made of Spencer (spink) doing this on it when I first got it (it was red), and I have since pulled the front end up once or twice on it too... so, yeah, it is a fun machine!

The only negative I can say about the bike it that the TACH stopped working last week... and I don't really know why... speedo still works fine, and I can't be bothered to worry since it is not my primary ride. And the front brake lever is bent slightly. I girl knocked the bike over in my parking lot while it was chained up. She bumped it and it fell on its side, mainly scratching the paint (hence the new paint job) but the lever got bent as well. Still works fine, I rode it that way.

That's it. Pics are attached, if they are too small, I will post larger ones.