Who's sick of the Atkins diet?
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Thread: Who's sick of the Atkins diet?

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    Who's sick of the Atkins diet?

    Check this little public service announcement out. Thanks to my girlfriend who sent this to me this morning!

    Enjoy! heh heh!

    (warning for people at work.... there is a lil bit of offensive language.... might want to check the sound!)


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    it really wasnt that funny.I like him doing the coffee one about star smucks .

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    atkins sucks a nut my theary is that ozzy and keith richards are still alive so ill be fine

    to much pussy people worrying about stupid stuff

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    My theory is that people who want to lose weight will try any type of diet and only as a last resort will try eating right and exercise.

    There is no secret to weight loss and no need for fancy diets. Eat right and exercise. If you don't lose weight, then you will still be healthy.

    I guess that doesn't sell books though.

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