what is the best bike for 600cc?
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Thread: what is the best bike for 600cc?

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    what is the best bike for 600cc?

    First of all thanks for replying. Its probably a question that has been mention many times. However, I would like to know what decent bike to purchase. Like an all around bike( style, stunts, modified, safety). I had in mind a yamaha R6, GsxR 600 and Kawasaki Zx6r.
    what bike?
    and reason.

    thank you

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    02 F4i silver & red is the best, that why I bought one.
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    (7) '04 Suzuki Burgman 400cc

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    Choose the one that feels best when you test ride it. Looks and HP numbers aren't going to matter much if it's too cramped for you to ride, or if it's difficult for you to control. And you're right, there have been enough threads on this to beat a legion of dead horses to a bloody pulp. Try doing a search to see what you can find too.

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    dood your missing out on the most popular brand of bikes... it's the most popular one for a reason!


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    And the most obvious question:

    first bike?
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    Other people told me that if you're new, you don't feel much difference on any 600c.c.!!! they all can output the crazy acceleration that you need!!....

    I have only ridden the 250c.c. bikes from Action and my own gixxer600, so i don't know which one is the best 600c.c., but I know my 2002 gixxer600 was the best 600 of the year performancewise according the motorcycle magazine....~~

    the latest 600s.....probably gixxer is again dominanting the 600 class....!!!
    I read the mag and it says it's even faster than Kawi 636 on quartermile.....so~ yeah!

    So i would say.....GO for GIXXER!!! YEAH!! and according to Suzuki, gixxers are born on the TRACK!~.....

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    John GTS
    yep, you don't feel much if you don't know how to ride well, they all feel the same, but after you've been riding for a while, or started racing, you will start feeling the difference between bikes, especially suspension, weight, and braking, power still isn't so important factor yet among the same cc's of bikes, they are all very fast

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    In addition, I noticed that 600cc-750cc fall into the same price category for insurance. How much is it ?

    a month?
    6 months?

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    Insurance will depend on the value of your bike, the type of bike you have, your safe driver discount, and your experience driving cars. Best person to ask would be an insurance broker (no brainer).

    As far as the best 600, they're all close enough in preformance for a new rider that the best piece of advice would be: Just buy the one your think looks the coolest.

    I'm sure someone will suggest you buy a wimpy/old learning bike, but it's a waste of time and money unless you absolutely can not afford to drop your new 600. If you buy a learning bike, buy a cheap 500 buck beater. Do not waste your money on a pseudo sportbike like an SV, which you will get bored of riding after about a week.

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    Well, I'll tell ya:


    I ride purely, and only, because it is fun.

    I ride because I love freedom, independence, and the movement of the ground beneath me.

    **author unknown**

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    Ride them all, try them out. The bike that is the one will *choose you*.

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    There all uncomfortable !! They all hurt your crotch !! They all require alot of maintenance !! They all make you spend money!!! They all make you fight with your GF's because you ride it too much !!

    Damn I love My bike !!

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