Ram Air for CBR 929 RR's
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Thread: Ram Air for CBR 929 RR's

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    Lightbulb Ram Air for CBR 929 RR's

    A site called hard racing 101 offers a DIY Ram Air Kit and also prefabricated ram air ducts for the 929 and 954 RR's.

    The pre fabbed ducts are new to their site but I have emailed them to see if they still offer the DIY insturctions.

    If they do I wanted to see if anyone wanted possibly split the cost of getting the instructions??

    Any takers??

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    Last year in the canadian championship, near the end the Honda team had to mothball 4 of their RC51s in order to have one working RC51 for Crevier and therefore Michael Taylor got stuck with a 929, well for the last race his engineers retro-fitted a ram air to the 929 giving it a huge performance gain, I have no idea why Honda's 929/954 doesn't have ram air....
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    Do not go for the Hardracing ram air, it is just cold air induction and is pretty junky. Go to Fireblades or Motorush and do a search for old threads on ram air.

    You will see that ALL the 'ram air' kits offered cannot procduce a pressurized air box to the required levels for ram air. Despite knowing this, many guys have thrown on the cold air induction systems to their 929's, and are happy with the performance acheived.

    I have only seen one good kit (the rest seem to be made of dryer hose and other stuff which looks the shits) that involved cutting two small inlets into the nose fairing. You should be able to find lots of info if you check out the sites I mentioned above.

    Keep us posted if you decide to give it a go, do it yourself mods are always a lot of fun.

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