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    Shop job?

    Now that school is over, I'm gonna be job hunting like mad!
    But I'm curious about getting a job at a bike/motorsports kinda place... there's several (including dealers) here in Kamloops and I'd like to get something in a shop, preferably parts/accesories or retail wench.... something like that. I want to learn! (And eventually maybe even become a (bike) mechanic, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.) I know there's a few of ya around here that work in shops/for dealers... is there anything specific I need to know, what kind of skills/qualifications do I need? I am fairly mechanically inclined, have retail and customer service experience, and if required would probably make a damned good salesperson! Suggestions!!!
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    AH so!

    My advice seems to be paying off. (yes, i shall take credit for it, muthafuckas)

    What about moving down the lowermainland and applying at RMS?

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