Recovered 'blue' SV650 before and after shots
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Thread: Recovered 'blue' SV650 before and after shots

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    Recovered 'blue' SV650 before and after shots

    I got to see my recovered bike today.

    It's pretty thrashed
    * repainted black and red
    * parts are missing or half-attached (windshield, mirrors)
    * gas tank is dented, muffler dented
    * shifter is broken off
    * ignition has a 1 inch hole bored through it (to break the steering lock).
    * clutch is hard to engage

    I haven't started the bike yet - so I don't know if the engine is still good.

    Here are the pics showing some before and after pics. I think now that the bike was stolen to joyride - which surprises me - I figured that the parts would have been sold on ebay. I don't know if the cops figured out who took it.

    I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. I'm not sure I want to ride the 'gettoization' - because I didn't do it. Also I'm not sure if I should take it to my dealer or see if someone else can fix it. If you have any recommendations let me know. I suspect that replacing some of the parts like the ignition HAS to go through the dealer.

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    no icbc

    Everly optimistic, I'm hoping they catch the guy so I can sue him for the damage.

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    well, at least you got it back.
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    dude, that just plain sucks!!
    i'd bet you'd like to drill a 1 inch hole through his ignition switch, if you catch my drift

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    How does the black and red paint look? pro? well done? shoddy?
    Is there any engine case damage?

    Check your bikes fluid levels, and CHANGE the oil and filter before you start the engine.....observe for anything in the oil that shouldnt be there.

    If it was me, I would consider parting the bike out and cutting my losses if the damage was severe.

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    Hey dude, that sucks but it's still better than nothing. It wasn't just talk before, if you need any help, let me know. If anyone should be giving back, it's me. I have a spare ignition and shifter that you can borrow in the mean time to get her up and running again and for the shit and abuse that I give my bike, I can probably do a quick once over on it. It's likely been abused bad but I'd be willing to try for damn sure, doesn't look too bad. At least it didn't do cartwheels into a curb or anything.

    Seriously, doesn't have to go back to a dealer....if you insist, John at Bomax can check it out for you and he's the best that I know of.

    It's nice to hope that there's gunna be a criminal at the end of this that you can sue for your losses but they got the guy that took mine and winning will be easy if he's charged and convicted. Getting money out of the stupid asshole is another story all together.

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    That sucks man...where was the bike recovered?

    Did they let you know who stole it?
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    bike was recovered in coquitlam or port coquitlam (800 block of Pinebrook Place). I don't know who stole it yet... I see you are from poco... Do you know who stole it?

    The paint job is so so. Stuff is all damaged and the bike has been dropped several times so that is the worse cosmetically. For example the gas tank has about 4 or 5 flat spots that weren't there before.

    I didn't notice the engine case. I also didn't check the contents of the gas or if my key worked in it anymore. I'm going to check it out tomorrow when we haul it away.

    I'm hoping Gixxstar can have a look to help decide what to do with it. If the engine is ok, then I'd like to repair it.

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    here is what the ignition looks like. The picture is not the best. Anyway you might be surprised to see how big a hole they made.

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    Where was it stolen from, your house? or while you're having coffee?

    just a little concerned now because I don't have theft insurance on my sv as well.

    Hope they catch the bastard who stole the bike.

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    It was stolen from my fenced, underground apartment building parking from in front of my car (which had it almost wedged against a wall). I parked it around 9pm and when I went to ride it again at 9 am it was gone. I didn't have theft. They stole a van as well and prob. put my bike in it.

    There were other bikes in the underground parking which were of comparable value which were not touched...I actually thought that they would have stolen the CBR or the Harley before mine.

    I'd go for the insurance - or at least a serious chain and lock to secure the bike to something solid. There are those (Gixxstar I think) who have had chains broken as well.

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    that's great you got it back

    there seems to be a lot of bikes stolen from and recovered in coquitlam/poco area . . .

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    BR and Hardsoul, get the insurance. Yeah it's expensive but undergrounds do not provide ANY level of security as you and many others here have found over the past couple of years. In fact I truly believe the little assholes LIKE undergrounds since they can control the environment easier and it gets them out of the rain.

    Did they ruin the top clamp ripping the lock cylinder out or can you just screw in a new one?

    As for your body repairs and paint there's a few folks here on the site that can help for little or no cost. If you can't hook up with one then I have a buddy that can help out for the lower end of the cost envelope. There is also a small shop a couple of doors down from Burnaby Kawi that does a nice job on the cars I've seen there. It's the little hole in the wall white place north of BK. It looks like hell but the work they do is nice. Might be cheaper. Particularly if you can do your own glue (plastic) and metal filler work first.

    And sad though it sounds I doubt if you'll ever see any charges, let alone convictions. I doubt if they will even bother since there's probably little, if any, way to tie the jerk to your bike unless someone squeals on them and is willing to testify in a courtroom. You're on your own buddy. But Ebay and some lower expectations about how it looks will keep the rebuild price low.
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    I dropped the bike off this morning at Bomox. Before going there I noticed we were missing some of the fairing parts. My dad suggested we check out the street where it was stolen so we went and walked around looking for something. One house looked suspicious and we asked a neighbour if they saw any bikes around and the neighbour suggested the house we thought was suspicious and had "too many bikes".

    So we went back there and looked around on their driveway... There was a sign on the garage door saying that "Jay isn't here anymore. Go away. You are being videotaped".

    Anyway as we were leaving I noticed one piece of fairing and my dad noticed two others that belonged to my bike.

    John is going to get it started today and see what shape it is in.

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