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    Blown Tire

    I was riding home today on hwy no.1 and I pulled up next to a dulley pick up truck and one of the freaking tires blew up and smoked me in the side, i was going about 130 when it hit me and man that is not a pleasant experience, almost knocked me over.

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    Exclamation Holy Crap!

    You OK man? Sounds like you were lucky you didn't crash, those truck tires throw
    Not many people see that event up close, or want to!

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    blown tire

    yeah I am fine but at least half that tire hit me and alot of dirt came with it.

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    Arrow I guess

    you had to clean your shorts!

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    DAMN, yer lucky it didn't wipe you right of the bike. It must have been a very gentle love tap.

    I was following a flat deck in my truck one time when the whole tire tread peeled up and off like an orange peel. It made 2 bangs. The first only medium loud as the tire blew and the second was FRIGGIN" EXPLOSIVE as the belt wound itself up and over and SLAPPED the flat deck. I was about 100 yards back at the time.

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