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    Highchair help

    This is the next thing I'm gunna work on but I can't see what I want in any of the video clips that I have (mostly guys falling over when they're trying to stop). How do you guys normally get on the tank? Do you just slide up there when you're moving or do you prop the bike up against something then go? Hard to do without a seat moulded into the tank? Any other helpful techniques on pulling it off? Thanks, the fewer crashes the better just want your advice on the best way to try this.

    Oh ya......good to see some riders out today; I only wished I'd decided to head out earlier. Holy shit you've gotten better SuperDave and you were one of the best stunters I rode with last year.

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    fold yer mirrors in, then start riding, sit on tank. is ez to do, then throw legs over one at a time and do yer thing, thats as far as i got lol, riding highchair, no wheelies... neway to stop, do it in reverse order.

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