Re-packing exhaust?
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Thread: Re-packing exhaust?

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    Re-packing exhaust?

    I've got a Yosh RS3 slip on and it needs to be repacked.
    Can anyone give me a step by step procedure or show me where I can find one?

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    a tip is to wrap masking tape around your drill bit, leaving about a cm on the end exposed. This way it can act as a stop if you're using a hand drill.

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    well first thing is to take apart the can. the Yosh RS3 should use 3 or 4 allen head bolts to hold the can together. remove the bafle and clean off any of the old packing that may still remain. purchase the packing and it should already be rolled and a hole in the middle to insert the baffle. some people use pieces of pink fibreglass but not sure how it stands up to the heat. after packing is rolled around the baffle. reverse procedure. fairly straight forward. oh and its best to remove both ends of the can both inlet and tip for best and easiest removal of baffle.
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