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    knee pucks

    can anyone tell me the best place to get cheap/good knee pucks?!

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    If I'm correct, I remember John from Bomax saying that he had some new pucks for sale. Or he said he could get some. I need a pair as well. I purchased my HJC suit from Holeshot at the 2002 Motorcycle Show and it didn't come with knee pucks. At the time. I didn't really care, but last night when I did Seymour, I could have dragged my knee I was so low in the corners. Plus, it looks better when a suit has them anyway.

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    cool thanks for the tip

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    Dainese has a new knee puck system that has a base and replacable pucks. Basically it works like this: The replacement puck has a hooking system that click itself onto the base. So everytime you just have to buy the puck but not the base. The set cost around $50US (base and puck) and a set of replacement puck only cost $15US.
    Ducati Seattle has them 206-298-9995 ask for john @parts

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