Attn: Ratbike Racers!
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Thread: Attn: Ratbike Racers!

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    Attn: Ratbike Racers!

    So before I start expending all this effort in trying to get my ratbike ready for May 23rd, I want to know...are we gonna have a race?

    I heard we might be gridding with the vintage guys...but who will actually be able to make it out? If I'm there, I can see:

    1. Harps
    2. Sewman
    3. Stephan (probably)
    4. Ted???
    5. Jayson???
    (that's my guess on finishing order as well, BTW)

    ...anyone else? Is that enough people?

    I just don't want to put forth all this effort in safety wiring my GS400, making a belly-pan...and then just end up running my CBR all weekend.

    So if someone can give me a definate maybe that I might have a class to run this bike in, I'll get to work on it right away.

    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    Hey good stuff, thanx for getting this thread started Harps. I'm anxious to get working on my bike too, but only if this is going to happen.

    RatBike racing is the shit! It's cheap, fun and cheap! I've just taken the race bike out of the Van and I can't wait to start working on it! The great thing about RatRacing is that you can really cut corners and not worry too much about the paint! Check out the quick, easy and worry free unloading procedures for my Race bike!

    Comon! Who's in!
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    John GTS
    i am getting broke and i wanan race, and i was in jason's group
    anyways, what qualifies as a rat bike?

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    i have a bike you could have free for rat class, it needs a little assembly, and apparently a coil? so said bill. anyway offer open to anyone who wants it as a rat race bike (gotta show me yer race license :P )

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