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    supermoto racing/track days

    With all the interest that is slowly happening in BC and the people who are trying to get events/track time together, it seems like something should materialise soon that someone will not go broke organising. I have been at every Mission event except when I could not ride due to injury, since getting my race liscence in 2002, was at every Motoevents race to support Andi, participated in a couple of Supermoto USA events last season and am only hearing about all these other events here in the last week. Victoria has a local thing going there at Western Speedway and I have put the Sept 18 Supermoto USA round on my calender. The Victoria events are a little too far away for an evening for my time/$ budget until they build a bridge but it sounds like they are doing OK with a local crowd.

    Is there any group effort that could happen with everyone, Troy, Bill, Rainman, Andi to consolidate resources and get the word out to all Motarded folks in the lower mainland/Okanogan region who have a desire to actually take it to the track? I will support Supermoto if I know things are happening and have time to schedule with my family. It is fun but so is hanging with my 2 yr old and I value that more than motardin'. There are a lot of boys in washington that are keen. I do not know if they are hearing about these potential track sessions. It was disapointing to see the turn out at Merritt last season for Motoevents race there. Awesome track and the turnout was about 25% better than Rainmans day last weekend.

    Where can I find info on Bills evenings at Boundary Bay? I just caught wind in a thread this evening about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sloan
    Where can I find info on Bills evenings at Boundary Bay? I just caught wind in a thread this evening about that.
    Here's the info for Bill's Boundary Bay thing:

    About supporting the sport...I'll certainly come out and watch or volunteer at events, as the situation requires. But without a bike, I'm sitting on the sidelines until I have enough money to join you guys.
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