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    a plea....

    you know what? i hate reading about accidents, cuz this is a community, and reading about accidents (especially about fatal ones) hits close to home. so to that idiot the other day, wearing his best t-shirt and shorts, use your f*%#ing head! here's what happened:

    this was mon at about 420pm along 1st ave (heading west) in vancouver. red light at renfrew and i was on the curb lane about 6 cars back from the intersection. for those that know the intersection, there's 2 straight-through lanes and 1 left-turn lane. well, this sack-for-brains decided he'll bypass all the traffic (which is fine).

    so he takes the left-turn lane going about 50km (mistake #1: he was probably so intent at gunning it to be ahead of all the traffic, that he wasn't looking for any cagers that might all-of-a-sudden decide that they want to turn left). mistake #2: he was 1 car away from the intersection when the light turned green, so forget about checking for any traffic that might be trying to beat the red light...he just guns it and swerves from the very left turn lane, all the way to the curb lane, narrowly missing the left-hand turners onto 1st.

    but i guess it would be your funeral, so i shouldn't care so much, but still. pick your spots man! there's times/areas to be crazy and rush-hour through a busy intersection is not one of them!

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    I'm a learning rider and hearing about these close calls and mistakes is helping me. Not to be selfish or anything

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    that makes the rest of us look bad when ppl do that
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