Tire Pressure with 2 up?
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Thread: Tire Pressure with 2 up?

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    Question Tire Pressure with 2 up?

    Hey guys, just wondering what kinda tire pressure you guys run with 2 up on a bike? I have a m-1 Sportech rear right now on my 03-750 and want to extend the life of the tire but dont want to give up traction though either.

    Do you vary your tire pressure along with the temp out side? For example where i ride right now the temp is usually 10-16 deg but when it warms up later in the year to 25+ do you run more pressure? Currently I am running about 35 front 34 rear My manual says run 36/36 with 1 or 2 up but I wanted to see what the rest of you guys run real world.

    How about long highway trips to you guys increase pressure up to say 40 or so to help extend tire life? I'm gona be going 2 up for a couple of long trips this summer and want to extend tire life when on those trips.


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    Yeah I wouldnt mind knowing this aswell but im on a r6 about 275lbs total between us.

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    You should be measuring them cold or at least in the mornings. And yes the cold temp pressure does change with the seasons. The numbers stay the same but the pressure will change slightly with the warming of summer on the way. But in reality air slowly leaks out of the tires so you won't notice this change. You should certainly be checking your tire pressure at least weekly.

    Yeah, for long trips run it up to 37F40R or so. Your tires will thank you.

    For two up I wouldn't bother upping the pressures unless it's a longer or consistent amount of riding.
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    2 up requires a leetle more pressure, check your owners manual. I don't bother for a short trip in town, but for any length or distance I bump em up a few PSI as per my bike's manual. Here's the scoop for my bike:
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